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necklace orange

Jewelry with stones

Silver and stainless steel with 18K gold plating

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striped bag

Striped bags

Sustainable Project! Made of recycled cement bags

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Cushioncover multi colour jacquard

Cushion Covers

Made of leftover fabrics, now with nice discount!

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kimono ikat

Kimonos Ikat & jacquard

Made from nice cotton fabrics, suits everybody!

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Is there a connection between Ikigai and the Japanese blossom?

It's blossom time again, and where do you find it more beautiful than in Japan? The Japanese blossom, also known as Sakura, refers to the

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Garment landfills

If you look very quickly, it looks like a nice colourful picture, but it is far from it. These are synthetic, mostly polyester and acrylic,

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MOAI – Connected for life

MOAI - Mo•ai (/mo,eye/) Japan - connected for life We first learned about the concept of ‘Moai’ when reading the book Ikigai. Moai is a concept

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History of the kimono

Surprising History of the Kimono The origins of the kimono go far back. With the word kimono we immediately think of Japan. And that is

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