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loafing creativity

Many times we will get more ideas and better ideas in two hours of creative loafing than in eight hours at a desk. – Wilfred Peterson –

Loafing, just doing nothing for a while. Putting your thoughts on hold, or simply letting things take their course.

In the encyclopaedia, there are various meanings for loafing.

For example, ‘to waste one’s time without doing anything proper; to loaf’.

Other meanings include ‘twiddling one’s thumbs’, fooling around, idling, daydreaming and loitering.

Use your curiosity to find your purpose

Do you also feel lost sometimes?
No purpose? No passion?
No idea where to go?
It would be easy if there is a compass which can guide you what direction to go.
Unfortunately it is not that easy.

Purpose is “a stable and generalized intention to accomplish something meaningful to the self and consequential to the world,” -Dr. Bill Damon, Director of the Stanford Center for Adolescence

There is a dream in every shadow of sunlight

There is a dream in every shadow of sunlight
– Gary Lemons –

Shadow does not always tell where it comes from. A shadow is light blocked by an object. The shape can change by the position of the sun or lamp. There are no details, such as colours and smells. The closer an object is to a shadow, the better you can see its outline; the further away, the more difficult and the more distorted it is. So never judge on shadows and explore the object in real life.

Ginkgo signals a period of control and balance

Ginkgo signals a period of control and balance as we contemplate the nature of our duality and unity through the lens of compassion.
The word ginkgo, comes from the Chinese word yinxing, meaning “silver apricot.” Biloba refers to the “bi-lobed” shape of its leaves. Ginkgo biloba reminds us of our luminous nature as we make peace with the known and unknown aspects of life and death. In stillness, we are encouraged to sense the beauty of our inner and outer self.

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