Our Bag and Kimono makers

We met Apoorv and Riya in Delhi, where they build up their own atelier. They are specialized in manufacturing scarves, bags and clothes. 

For Apoorv and Riya it is important their employees are treated in a fair way. And this is one of the topics in our sourcing of suppliers. Apoorv and Riya are raised in families where textile production is a specialisation from generation to generation. But they want to do it their way, in a small well equiped atelier in India where they take care of their employees in a fair way. 

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Sustainable production

The productions we have in this workshop are mostly produced from leftover stocks of fabrics. In this way, these fabrics also get a good destination, but in addition, there is a limited edition of each article, which makes each bag or kimono exclusive. You will not easily come across another with the same article.

Materials used

For Ikigai, we mainly use materials that are made of natural composition and can be recycled well after use. But what we find especially important is that the articles we produce can be used for a long time and are therefore sustainable. That is why we design timeless items.

Fair Trade

In this workshop, people are treated fairly through fair working hours and an appropriate salary. The employees have the right to join a trade union.