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The Blue zones in the world

Ikigai 100

When you think, where should I take my next trip, think about the blue zones of the world. Get inspired by the local lifestyles and maybe you’ll adopt some of them and unknowingly add a few years to your life.
There are 5 areas in the world that can call themselves ‘blue zones’.
These are places in the world where people live longer than average. And there is a reason for that!
They call it ‘the secret of longevity’. In other words, ‘the secret of longevity’.

We take you to these special places.

We start in the West and travel to the easternmost Blue Zone.

what is ikigai? And how do you discover your own Ikigai?

Brenda Serree

New at Ikigai accessories blogs is that we will give Ikigai expert Brenda Serrée the podium. With her Ikigai blogs and podcast series ‘Discover your Ikigai’, Brenda inspires about how Ikigai can enrich your life and work. Especially for those who want to attract more energy, fun and fulfilment. The podcasts are conversations with ( well-known) people and entrepreneurs with a strong Ikigai or purpose of life. Just like Ikigai accessories, Brenda loves to show her colours in order to contribute to a more beautiful world. Today she writes her first blog for Ikigai Accessories.




“Gamba…whatl?” asks Franscesc, laughing. No, not gamba! You say Ganbarismasu and it means “to go to great lengths to achieve a goal”.

This is a quote from the book ‘find your Ikigai’.

Japanese people use this word when they are faced with a challenge. It does not matter whether it is in the area of personal, sports or work. Ganbarismasu means “never giving up”, and that is a characteristic that many Japanese have. An admirable quality. The discipline that comes from it. It can make me jealous sometimes.

Follow your dreams

ikigai scheme

Consider more regularly what your goal is. Do you have a goal? I sometimes talk to people who don’t have a very clear idea of what their goal or dream is. The nice thing about not having this is that whatever direction you go is always good, because it doesn’t lead to anything you have defined for yourself. But how nice it can be to be able to define your choices by aligning them with your ultimate goal or dream. Then in every situation where you have to make a choice, you can test it. Does this contribute to my goal, my mission. Am I following my passion in this? And does it make me happy?

What is your reason for getting up in the morning?

Ok, there are plenty of reasons why you need to get out of bed in the morning. You have to go to work on time, your children have to put their lunch in their lunchbox, you have a coffee with your partner, the dog has to go out, the cat wants to eat. All very good reasons to get up, but does it really make you happy?

Just imagine. Lying in your bed in the morning, waking up and thinking, yes, a new day! I am looking forward to it! And not only on the day you go on holiday, but on all the days in between. The thought of your day already gives you energy that runs through your veins. You might even notice a smile appear on your face.

What do success and Ikigai have in common?

Finding your Ikigai, having success, the similarity between Ikigai and success is that it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time.

This statement by Steve Jobs also applies to your Ikigai:

“I am always amazed that a sudden success can have such a long lead time”.

You don’t find your Ikigai in one day, and so also success is a result of a longer process. Success is a result of a long trajectory. What preceded it is often not visible, or no longer visible.


loafing creativity

Many times we will get more ideas and better ideas in two hours of creative loafing than in eight hours at a desk. – Wilfred Peterson –

Loafing, just doing nothing for a while. Putting your thoughts on hold, or simply letting things take their course.

In the encyclopaedia, there are various meanings for loafing.

For example, ‘to waste one’s time without doing anything proper; to loaf’.

Other meanings include ‘twiddling one’s thumbs’, fooling around, idling, daydreaming and loitering.

Use your curiosity to find your purpose

Do you also feel lost sometimes?
No purpose? No passion?
No idea where to go?
It would be easy if there is a compass which can guide you what direction to go.
Unfortunately it is not that easy.

Purpose is “a stable and generalized intention to accomplish something meaningful to the self and consequential to the world,” -Dr. Bill Damon, Director of the Stanford Center for Adolescence

There is a dream in every shadow of sunlight

There is a dream in every shadow of sunlight
– Gary Lemons –

Shadow does not always tell where it comes from. A shadow is light blocked by an object. The shape can change by the position of the sun or lamp. There are no details, such as colours and smells. The closer an object is to a shadow, the better you can see its outline; the further away, the more difficult and the more distorted it is. So never judge on shadows and explore the object in real life.

Ginkgo signals a period of control and balance

Ginkgo signals a period of control and balance as we contemplate the nature of our duality and unity through the lens of compassion.
The word ginkgo, comes from the Chinese word yinxing, meaning “silver apricot.” Biloba refers to the “bi-lobed” shape of its leaves. Ginkgo biloba reminds us of our luminous nature as we make peace with the known and unknown aspects of life and death. In stillness, we are encouraged to sense the beauty of our inner and outer self.

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