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History of the kimono

kamakura kimono

Surprising History of the Kimono

The origins of the kimono go far back. With the word kimono we immediately think of Japan. And that is right, because the origins of the kimono lie in Japan. Just like Ikigai, the inspiration for our brand, also originates from Japan.

Kimono is the Japanese word for clothing. Nowadays, the word is mainly used to refer to specific Japanese traditional clothing. The kimono is traditional in Japan, but in the West, the kimono is nowadays a very trendy garment. It is originally made with straight lines, which makes the garment suitable for all shapes of people. So is our kimono, a ‘one-size-fits-all’ model that fits everyone.

Below, we take you through the history of the kimono. How did it originate, and what did it mean in Japan throughout the centuries?

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