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Consider more regularly what your goal is. Do you have a goal? I sometimes talk to people who don’t have a very clear idea of what their goal or dream is. The nice thing about not having this is that whatever direction you go is always good, because it doesn’t lead to anything you have defined for yourself. But how nice it can be to be able to define your choices by aligning them with your ultimate goal or dream. Then in every situation where you have to make a choice, you can test it. Does this contribute to my goal, my mission. Am I following my passion in this? And does it make me happy?

If you don’t have a dream, try to think about it calmly. Take a pen and paper (and a cup of coffee) and write down for yourself what makes you happy. If you want, use the Ikigai schedule for this and go through all 4 parts. Write everything down, even if it seems unrealistic. First put a point on the horizon of the ultimate and only later check whether it is useful to adjust your dream to your own situation. Visualise this for yourself and believe 100% that this is possible to achieve. And maybe not all at once, but step by step.
Make a step-by-step plan for yourself. Is your dream a certain job for example, then you might have to take courses for this. Then step 1 is, which courses are relevant. In step 2 you choose which course you are going to take and in this way you get closer to your dream, step by step.

They sometimes say, “Follow your dreams, they know the way”. To follow your dream, don’t let your surroundings distract you. People who say it is impossible. Don’t think you are too busy for that. A partner and family that you have to take care of. Think about yourself. Your own happiness.
Chasing a dream also requires determination, perseverance. Giving up is often the easiest way, but to really achieve your dream you have to keep going. Even when things are not going your way.

My goal is to create this Ikigai platform. A marketplace where people who live their Ikigai can sell the things they have made. That makes me very happy. It is therefore a win-win situation. We can strengthen each other in this.

And I too would like it to be quicker and easier to make this marketplace even better known, but unfortunately I have to be patient, keep going and grow steadily, but above all keep a clear eye on my goal.

Follow your dream and your heart, that leads to happiness!

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