“Gamba…whatl?” asks Franscesc, laughing. No, not gamba! You say Ganbarismasu and it means “to go to great lengths to achieve a goal”.

This is a quote from the book ‘find your Ikigai‘.

Japanese people use this word when they are faced with a challenge. It does not matter whether it is in the area of personal, sports or work. Ganbarismasu means “never giving up”, and that is a characteristic that many Japanese have. An admirable quality. The discipline that comes from it. It can make me jealous sometimes.

I am quite a go-getter myself, in certain areas, but in Japan they are more willing to give up on themselves.

In Japan they set themselves a seemingly impossible goal. set yourself very high personal goals in order to activate the Shinkansen effect within you. but if you don’t combine it with the power of ganbarismasu, those dreams for the future will fade away and never become reality.

But what is the Shinkansen effect? click here to read about the Shinkansen-effect. 

Ganbarismasu you will need when you want to make the ‘impossible’ to ‘possible’. 

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