There is a dream in every shadow of sunlight

There is a dream in every shadow of sunlight

– Gary Lemons –

Shadow does not always tell where it comes from. A shadow is light blocked by an object. The shape can change by the position of the sun or lamp. There are no details, such as colours and smells. The closer an object is to a shadow, the better you can see its outline; the further away, the more difficult and the more distorted it is. So never judge on shadows and explore the object in real life.
It is the same with friendships and relationships, what you see is not always what is. Explore the object, the person, that which is real.

Shadow is often associated with darkness and negativity.
In the same way, gossip is often a shadow of real events. Distorted, enlarged, twisted. Realise that it is not the real truth, but only a shadow of it. Always be aware of this.

Your shadow lies outside your own consciousness. You feel that your shadow is outside of you. But it is inside you. These are your negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, self-pity, desire and greed. As long as you deny these emotions, they will obstruct you in your happiness. These emotions will become more powerful over time, making them harder to stop.
Once you can embrace them and let them be, they will strengthen you. Do not run away from them, but go to them. Take the time to react to these situations. Do it with love. If you can do this, you will come closer to your authentic self. Your pure being.
And you will see, if you can do this for yourself, you can do it better for others. With this you will be able to have compassion for your fellow man more easily and you will be able to establish a loving connection. Try it out. The light will shine brighter, the shadow in yourself will shrink! And the relationship with yourself and others will strengthen and deepen.

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