Ingredient Indian Nettle

Indian Nettle

Indian nettle powder
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Benefits of India Nettle

If you think nettle is just a weed, you’re wrong. This amazing plant may be prickly, but it comes with a powerhouse of skin benefits because it has been a key ingredient in herbal medicine for centuries. Also called kuppaimeni powder, it has been used in Siddha practice for centuries due to its excellent effect on skin problems.

Stinging nettle offers the following amazing effects:


Stinging nettle, a powerful active ingredient, is known for its natural ability to soothe inflamed skin and reduce irritation. Its healing properties help reduce significant redness, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and rashes.


With a high concentration of phenols, stinging nettle acts as a powerful antioxidant that optimises free radical scavenging when used in skin care. In addition to a firming effect, it also keeps fine lines at bay and acts as a great anti-ageing agent.


Because it kills fungi and bacteria, nettle is really effective against micro-organisms that can lead to inflammation and acne. It fights infections, such as pimples, and prevents them from coming back.

Glow Booster

Stinging nettle is an important source of vitamins A, C, D and the B complex. It gives the skin a radiant glow and a fresh complexion.


Oily skin benefits greatly from the detoxifying properties of nettle. Milder than alcohol, vinegar or citrus fruits, this wonderful herb can be used to control oily skin and keep it free from rashes.

Curious to try nettle? Try our Nettle Vetiver soap. They will instantly revive your skin and give you that perfect look you have been searching for. Expect addiction.

For best results, moisten the soap and rub it several times with your hands. Then apply the soap to your skin with your hands and massage lightly with circular movements. You can also use a skin brush or a loofah sponge for this. Rinse off with warm water. Your skin is now properly cleansed. We recommend using a face oil of the Green Goddess afterwards.