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Scented candles


You can always choose to do something different from others. The trick, however, is to do this in a way that leads to the highest quality.

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100% vegetable wax

All scented candles are hand-poured. The wax consists of 90% rapeseed oil and 10% coconut oil. This makes these candles 100% planet-friendly.
Rapeseed oil comes from France, among other countries. In the south, the rapeseed flowers grow abundantly in the summer, which results in beautiful yellow flower fields. Rapeseed is a soil improver and is used for crop rotation. Growing rapeseed in rotation is beneficial for biodiversity. The flowers are also food for bees and insects. The oil from these flower seeds is used for the largest component of the candle. In addition, 10% coconut oil is used for the perfect flammability of the candle.
The wax is colourless, because dyes do contain chemicals. We have added the colour by using a beautiful matt coloured glass jar.

The candle does not contain;

– Paraffin: The candle is free of paraffin. Paraffin is a residual product from petroleum and, as a fossil fuel, is therefore harmful to the earth. In addition, burning candles made from paraffin is not healthy for you.
– Soy: Soy wax comes from the soy plantations in South America and Asia, besides the fact that footprint is not very attractive technically, they are also the cause of the deforestation of rainforests and jungles. This causes many animals to lose their homes and threatens their survival.

Charlotte’s candle workshop

It started out as a hobby project. For years, she had been fascinated by the craft and perfection of candle moulding. In her small studio, she tried all kinds of wicks, wax compositions and scent combinations. A hobby that soon became a passion and her profession. Through the years, her company grew to be a fixed value with many friends, acquaintances and family. The values with which she started: design, quality and long-lasting scents, she still applies to every candle.

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Is your candle burning out?

Then you never have to throw it away again! You can return the jar to us. We will then give you a discount voucher for a new candle. We will deduct the cost of the jar!
We want to do our bit and keep our ecological footprint as low as possible. By reusing existing pots, fewer new ones need to be made! We will clean your pot and fill it again. In this way, we all do our bit for the environment, and for your wallet.