Use your curiosity to find your purpose

Do you also feel lost sometimes?
No purpose? No passion?
No idea where to go?
It would be easy if there is a compass which can guide you what direction to go.
Unfortunately it is not that easy.

Purpose is “a stable and generalized intention to accomplish something meaningful to the self and consequential to the world,” -Dr. Bill Damon, Director of the Stanford Center for Adolescence

Add to that something you can also get paid for and you’ve basically hit the jackpot. That is what we call, your Ikigai!!

But first begin with finding your purpose. To find it, you can follow your curiosities and see where they take you. Try following your curiosity.

Following your curiosities means you have the freedom to pursue whatever you found interesting at the time without the need of anything more.

Still not sure where to start? Answer some of these questions and see where they take you.

What’s something you want to learn?
What’s something you’d be doing in your spare time?
What do people always come to you for help with?
What’s a problem you can’t not solve?
What do you love to do?
What do you want to do less of and more of?

Notice that some of these questions come from this purpose diagram.


If you do manage to find the intersection and get yourself a purpose, awesome. But if you don’t, don’t sweat it. You’re moving in the right direction.
As long as you’re enjoying what you’re doing (and doing something about it if you don’t) and letting your curiosities guide the way, you’ve got the opportunity to lead a really meaningful life.

Curiosity allowes you to follow diverse paths, none more right than the other.

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